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Mama Joy’s age revealed on her birthday

South Africa’s number one sports fan, Mama Joy’s age, was revealed on her birthday. Mama Joy had been making many headlines about supporting sports in South Africa. Her switch from Pirates to Royal AM left many fans questioning her loyalty, but they later accepted.

Mama Joy,

She went to France supporting the Springboks and was the top fan there. Many fans questioned where she got the money, but she said she paid for her bills. Fortunately for her, she found love in France, and her lover also celebrated her birthday a few days ago. Indeed, Mama Joy knows a lot about decorating her face with paint, and the dresses she wore made her look older.

Mama Joy

Many fans were shocked when they saw her without the sports regalia; she looked so young. Indeed, that is what Mama Joy is like, and her age even shocked many fans. Wishing herself a happy birthday, Mama Joy did not have many words but a few. “It’s My Birthday today.

Source: News365

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