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Lasizwe opens up about his late mother

Lasizwe Dambuza opened up about growing up with his mother and watching her draw her last breath. During a recent interview, the YouTuber briefly talked about his childhood.“I grew up with my mom and my sister,” he shared.

“We lived in Pimville, Soweto. I always say this, I lived in a very creative house. We didn’t have the means to live a luxurious life and the reason why I say this is because my dad, on the other hand, he was rich rich. But the only thing that we could say is a holiday is me visiting my uncle’s house in Durban. That was a holiday for us.


He further said he missed his mom and narrated how she died in 2016. My mom had a heart attack in December (2016) in a barbershop. I was cutting my hair for my matric dance. That day was so weird because my mom was actually spending her last cent on me just to make sure that I have a great matric dance.


“She sat down on the couch, I was cutting my hair and looking back on the mirror, and she collapsed. I saw her take her last breath.

Source: News365

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