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Lasizwe and Natasha Thahane fix their friendship

Lasizwe Dambuza and Natasha Thahane have reconciled after years of beefing. In 2021, the YouTuber made it known that their friendship had failed on his Tell the Truth or Drink It show, but the reason behind their split was not explicit.

During an interview on Mac G’s Podcast And Chill, the actress clarified the alleged beef between them. I’m enjoying my silence. He decided to say whatever he wanted to say. He can carry on,” she said.

Lasizwe and Natasha Thahane

“One thing people need to learn from my situation with Lasizwe is when people grow out of each other’s seasons, it’s okay. My thing was you need to figure out if we’re industry friends or genuine friends. Lasizwe stayed in my life and it was great. We were good friends. If we have to grow apart that’s okay, but let’s keep respecting each other.”

Lasizwe and Natasha Thahane

On Monday, Lasizwe shared photos of himself at the Duma Collective star-studded event. The post revealed that the two celebs have reconciled as they took some cozy snaps together. The actor’s timeline was filled with comments about their friendship and reconciliation.

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