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Lamiez Holworthy Slams Fans Who Ask Her For Money



South African musician Lamiez Holworthy has seemingly slammed people on the internet who ask her for money. Taking to her Instagram Stories, the radio presenter allegedly vented about being asked for money by strangers who expect things like iPhones, hospital bills, and parties. She also shared how she doesn’t necessarily enjoy work but only goes because she has responsibilities.

Lamiez Holworthy

Her post was met with mixed reactions by social media users who either sympathized with her or told her to stop showing off on social media.

Media personality and radio host Lamiez Holworthy has headed online to vent about being asked for money by strangers online.

Taking to her Instagram page, the DJ seemingly blasted people who expect her to pay for things like private hospital bills, iPhones, and parties.

She also wrote about how she suffers from migraines but gets up to work every day for her children.

Lamiez Holworthy

“Please stop asking me for money. I too work really hard and have problems, bills, and [and] responsibilities with no one to run to for pity.

Even worse when you guys ask me for iPhones, parties and to pay so that you can give birth at a private hospital,” she wrote in the post.

Take a look below:

While some understood where she was coming from, others told her to stop sharing her flashy lifestyle online.

Lamiez Holworthy

Here are a few of their comments:

“Akere they wear very expensive clothes, that’s why others think they have a lot of money,” one person said. Another added, “This is so unnecessary if you are stingy you are stingy ma’am.”

Source – Fakazanews

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Musa Mseleku

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