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Kim Kardashian calls herself biggest hopeless romantic



Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is delving deep into her love life as she has admitted that to being the biggest hopeless romantic but insists on knowing the difference between a real relationship.

In a chat with SiriusXM’s This Life of Mine with James Corden podcast, the host said the 43-year-old may have enjoyed the “initial stages of love,” and she might likely to confused with “what love is.

Responding to that, The Kardashian star said, “Totally. I’m the biggest hopeless romantic, but I do know the difference. I know what a real relationship is.

Kim Kardashian

Elsewhere in the interview, the reality star said she has prepared a list of qualities in her next man to have on her phone. However, the SKIMS founder stressed she is “not so delusional” to believe she will find someone who “will check every single box.”

Mentioning the qualities, Kim said, “Accountable for actions. Takes accountability. Good teeth. Can hold their own. I don’t have to babysit all the time. I mean, just a good genuine person that’s driven and has their own motivations in life to, the list is so long.

Source: People

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