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Katlego Maboe’s ex slams him for not paying their son’s school fees

Katlego Maboe’s former lover, Monique Muller drags him on social media for not paying their son’s school fees.  The couple broke up after Muller took the TV personality to court over infidelity and assault.  Katlego hit rock bottom but he later won the case which finally resuscitated his career in the entertainment industry.

Taking to Instagram stories, Monique trolled her ex-lover over financial abuse. Are there any other 6-figure earning fathers refusing to pay their kids school fees?” she asked.

Katlego Mabo

“It really be the celebs y’all fight for… that pleads poverty when it comes to taking care of their kids. And literally willing to let their child go without education. But plays ‘Father of the Year’”. Maybe Deal or No Deal can donate some funds there. I can forward the school’s banking details. Or are his fans willing to donate?”.

Katlego Mabo

Monique said Katlego lied about not having multiple sources of income in court; she revealed that he took their son to an expensive school, but he hasn’t been paying the school fees.  She slammed him for expecting her to pay part of the fee, instead of him taking over the full payment.

Katlego Mabo

“You earn ten times more than your baby mama. So, paying school fees in full would not affect your pocket. But you insist that half of her salary must go to school fees (we see this all the time with financial abuse in maintenance courts”. Muller slammed fans who tried defending the TV presenter, and said she is ready to go to war for her child.

In other news – Manaka Ranaka wishes her dad a happy birthday as he turns 80

Manaka Ranaka wishes her dad a happy birthday as he turns 80 Manaka Ranaka celebrates her father who turns 80 years old today, the 25th of August. Taking to social media, the actress shared a lovely video of her dad and captioned it with heart-warming words. Manaka says the milestone is a big deal and worth celebrating.

Manaka Ranaka

OMG 80 years old Daddy. As unbelievable as it that’s a whole 80 papa. Praise the Most High. This is huge. 1943 was the year you were born. Read more

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