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Former Idols SA star Princess McDonald robbed at gunpoint at home

A former contestant of Idols SA experienced a traumatic incident when they were robbed at gunpoint in their own home. The robbery, which left the star shaken, involved armed assailants who invaded their residence, making off with valuables. Despite the terrifying ordeal, the star and their family are safe. Authorities have been notified, and an investigation is underway.

She is traumatised after robbers broke into her home in Kempton Park and made away with valuable items. Former Idols SA season 19, top 12 contestant and singer Princess McDonald told ZiMoja that she had never been robbed or mugged in her entire life and intruders coming into her personal space felt like an invasion.

Princess McDonald

She was alone at home when the incident happened around 4:30pm. “I live with someone but he was not home. We use a remote to get into the property. The two guys managed to get inside the property and knocked at the door. When I asked who was at the door and tried to check, they said they were looking for someone. They mentioned a name I don’t know,” she said. She added it happened so fast, then the next thing they had opened the burglar gate.

Princess McDonald

Princess McDonald says she co-operated. “They then opened the burglar door and told me to sit in the room and relax and they would not harm me,” she added. The robbers took her cell phone, TV and other valuable items. She does not suspect anyone would harm her. “I live in the main house and we have tenants living at the back.

Princess McDonald

The robbers did not go to the back, they ended up here in the house with me. I just feel like they knew what they wanted and came with intention. I do not feel safe at all,” she said. “It’s a horrible experience. You don’t know what will happen to you, whether they will harm you or not.” Princess opened a case at the Norkem Park Police Station.

Source: Zimoja

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