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Former actress Pam Andrews opened up about her attention seeking



Pam Andrews

Former Rhythm City actress Pam Andrews recently turned 40 and revealed that she now goes to therapy to work on her inner child after realising that she needed validation from others to be happy as seen in a video posted on social media on Friday, 9 February.

In a video recently posted on social media, Pam Andrews reflected on her younger-self. She revealed that everywhere she went, she made sure to draw attention to herself and not in the best way.

 Pam Andrews

“I wanted to be the centre of attention wherever I went. I wanted to make sure everyone looked at me, and I made sure everyone was looking at me. I was loud [and] I used to wear these obnoxious outfits,” she said.

The former Backstage actress shared that she didn’t have a place or time to display her scandalous outfits, whether it was at a grocery store or not, she made sure to turn heads with her provocative looks.

 Pam Andrews

“I was like, I’m going to wear something so ridiculous and out of this world so that everyone can stare at me. I would look at who’s looking at me and count them… But you know, at the time, that was what was making me happy,” Andrews shared.

The former TV star admitted that looking back, she now acknowledges that she needed to deal with her inner child because she needed validation from other people to know her worth.

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