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Emtee – Stop telling me I’m drunk




Emtee reacts to people who label him a drunkard. Weeks ago, the rapper celebrated 10 years of being sober, but the news left people divided as some perceived his claim to be untrue. During a recent Instagram live chat, he addressed comments claiming that he is drunk.

“I don’t drink liquor mother f**ker. I don’t like liquor. Get it through your thick skull. Stop telling me I’m drunk. Did you give me the drinks?” he said.


“One of the reasons I stopped drinking alcohol, I came to the realisation that alcohol is actually the devil himself inside the bottle. I see how people behave when they’re drunk. I see what it does to people.


“The nicest n*gga might turn out to be the toughest n*gga because he is drunk … my dad used to be heavy on it, and I used to see what it does to him. I don’t want to be a statistic, so please give me the ganja only.


On his Twitter (X) timeline, Emtee said he was proud of himself having gone without alcohol for so long. 10 years sober from alcohol. That thing is the devil. Stoners be down to earth like a mf.

Source: News365


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