Drake’s Half-Eaten Pizza Slice On Sale for $500,000

Drake‘s pal and fellow rapper Lil Yachty are selling a slice of pizza half-eaten by Drizzy for an eye-watering amount. A slice of pizza that Drake has half-eaten is being sold for a whopping $500,000.

In what appears to be a joke by fellow rapper and friend Lil Yachty, he uploaded a picture of the food to his Instagram story alongside a caption auctioning off the slice.

Drake Pizza

Fans have reacted to this hilarious side hustle, and have questioned whether or not people would buy the slice. One wrote: “U know damn well someone will buy that” Another quipped: “Does it make you immortal when you eat it?”

Another scoffed at the idea and said: “Which one of you weirdos [is] gonna buy this?” For reference, the $500,000 slice of pizza would be around £402,000 in UK’s conversion rates.


Kim Kardashian alleges it was Kanye West who started Drake’s cheating rumor. Drake has been busy making headlines recently after fans were left divided over his yellow and blue manicure.

The rapper appeared on a livestream for the betting app Stake and sported a manicure alongside a matching trucker’s jacket.

Some fans loved Drizzy’s way of expressing himself: “The princess of rap is serving” as another wrote: “Looks good. I would choose that color too.”


However, others were more critical of the rapper’s look: “I enjoy men wearing nail polish but I need y’all to get gel and pick some cute colors.”


In Other News- Trey Songz Sued For S.e.xual Assault

Rapper Trey Songz has been sued for at least $10 million after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at a pool party.

Trey Songz

A woman under the pseudonym Jane Does filed a lawsuit against the ‘Bottoms Up’ singer in court last Thursday (1 June) and alleged that he groped her in 2013. Learn more

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