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Doja Cat Responds To All The Trolls In New Song Titled Attention



Doja Cat

Doja Cat has made her grand return after taking a little break from music, dropping off rap-heavy new single “Attention” — check out the song’s video below.

Doja Cat

The Tanu Muino-directed music video sees the Planet Her hitmaker roaming the streets of Los Angeles, donning a white tee, jeans, and leather jacket as she avoids adoring fans and people on the street wearing strange flesh-colored masks.

In one of the various NSFW moments, Doja can briefly be seen in the nude, saturated in what appears to be blood.

The track’s lyrics touch on a lot of the subjects that have surrounded Doja Cat in recent years, including her new look, her status in the rap game, and online trolls. She also name-drops Nicki Minaj in the second verse, claiming a lot of people often compare her to the Pinkprint rapper.

Doja Cat

“Just let me flex, bruh, just let me pop shit?/ ‘Why she thinks she Nicki M? She thinks she hot shit’/ I never gave an F, go stir the pot, bitch/ I got your head all in the dirt just like an ostrich,” she raps.

In the first verse, Doja also speaks about her decision to leave The Weeknd’s After Hours stadium tour and implies she bowed out due to mental health, not the tonsil surgery she had originally claimed she was getting.

“My taste good, but I just had to redirect my cookin’/ I could’ve been an opener, I redirect the booking/ I read it all, the comments sayin/ D, I’m really shook the/ ‘D, you need to see a therapist, are you look?’/ Yes, the one I got, they really are the best/ Now I feel like I can see you bitches is depressed,” she spits.

The new track makes good on Doja Cat’s promise that her Planet Her follow-up would be more of a rapping affair, which she reaffirmed on Twitter in April. “No more pop,” she tweeted at the time. “I also agree with everyone who said the majority of my rap verses are mid and corny.”

She also responded to her critics at the time. “I know they are. I wasn’t trying to prove anything I just enjoy making music but I’m getting tired of hearing yall say that I can’t so I will.”

Doja Cat

When asked what inspired this new direction, Doja added: “Pop isn’t exciting to me anymore. I don’t wanna make it.”

The critics she’s referring to seemed to have quietened down upon “Attention’s” release, as many fans flocked to the comments to show love for Doja’s bars.

“I love this so much,” wrote one supporter in the video’s comment section. Much love to Doja who’s not afraid to reach new heights and take control! She’s doing what SHE wants to do and she’s passionate about it, a true artist!”

Another added: “She’s evolving beyond measure she’s so talented and versatile im very excited for this new era of music!!!!

Doja Cat

On Instagram, fans were equally as supportive, writing in the comments of Doja’s “Attention” teaser that they’re excited to watch this new era unfold.

“Oh no, the woman we idolize is no longer participating in the hyper-feminine aesthetic that all women must participate in or else they have *reads notes*…sold their soul,” wrote one the supporter. “How dare she grow into a *squints* new style. we must tell the church.”


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