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Coming up on Sibongile & The Dlaminis this April 2024



Sibongile & The Dlaminis

Coming up on Sibongile & The Dlaminis this April 2024: Could someone be pregnant? Kwenzo tries reaching out to Sibonglile but her reaction leaves him with much to be desired. Seeing an opportunity, Deliwe tries to get Velephi to date someone.

Monday 1 April 2024
Episode 106

A heartbroken Sibongile catches up with Wenzeni and discovers that the spark between Noma and Kwenzo has been reignited. Meanwhile, Khuzwayo is summoned to the head office in Durban.

Tuesday 2 April 2024
Episode 107

Worry and disappointment haunt Khuzwayo when he finds out the real reason he was summoned to Durban. Guilt overcomes Sibongile when she realises the damage she caused while pursuing a relationship with Kwenzo.

Wednesday 3 April 2024
Episode 108

A drunk Njengaye tells Nomfundo that he plans to leave Phetheni and finally be with her. The helpers also learn that MaMshali is Nomfundo’s replacement and she isn’t a nice old lady but a mean slave driver.

Monday 8 April 2024
Episode 109

Could someone be pregnant? Kwenzo tries reaching out to Sibonglile but her reaction leaves him with much to be desired. Seeing an opportunity, Deliwe tries to get Velephi to date someone.

Tuesday 9 April 2024
Episode 110

Njengaye sees a window of opportunity to paint Vusi as a bad leader. Wenzeni tries to ask Njengaye to make time for her and do something special as father and daughter – will it go according to plan?

Wednesday 10 April 2024
Episode 111

Gcina makes a devious suggestion to change Nomalanga’s fate. Njengaye riles up the Emgazini workers making things difficult for Vusi.

Monday 15 April 2024
Episode 112

Will Njegaye’s plan to make Vusi look bad work? Bab Ntombela reveals to Vuma what he saw and Gcina pushes Nomalanga to tell Phetheni the good news. Deliwe keeps milking Kwenzo out of money.

Tuesday 16 April 2024
Episode 113

The news of Nomalanga gets to Kwenzo via a hostile messenger, Sokhabase. Meanwhile Sibongile
confesses her love for Kwenzo to someone close to her. The Mbambo family is forced to help Khuzwayo.

Wednesday 17 April 2024
Episode 114

Unaware of Nomfundo’s secrets; Phetheni confides in Nomfundo about her suspicions regarding Njengaye. Vuma arrives with Mandulo who lays down the law and makes a shocking announcement that will rock Sibongile and Deliwe’s worlds.

Monday 22 April 2024
Episode 115

Sibongile’s aunty drops her off at the Dlamini home and demands they pay inhlawulo for their makoti.
Phetheni, who has been growing suspicious, hires Mkhize to follow Njengaye.

Tuesday 23 April 2024
Episode 116

An emotional Sibongile has nowhere to go and ends up sleeping at the Dlamini home. Gcina feels that Vusi is slowly slipping away from her when she is excluded from attending a function that Vusi will be attending.

Wednesday 24 April 2024
Episode 117

After gathering info on Njengaye on his phone, Mkhize shows Phetheni his finding. MaNdulo also finds some dirt on Deliwe while the Dlamini family agree to pay inhlaulo for Sibongile.

Monday 29 April 2024
Episode 118

Tension brews as Kwenzo questions Nomalanga’s condition. To make matters worse the Dlamini/Mbambo inhlawulo talks go horribly wrong.

Tuesday 30 April 2024
Episode 119

When asked hard questions about his intentions with Nomalanga, Kwenzo gets tongue-tied. Nomfundo’s guilt forces her to choose a side, much to Njengaye’s disappointment. At the Mbambo’s, Deliwe is relieved when a threat in the house leaves

Premiere episodes of Sibongile & The Dlaminis air on Mzansi Wethu from Monday to Wednesday at 18h30.

Source: TVSA

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