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Cardi B Celebrates Kulture’s Pre-K Graduation

Cardi B’s firstborn just graduated from pre-kindergarten and she has very publicly expressed how proud she is as a mother. On Thursday (June 22), the “Bodak Yellow” MC posted photographs of her daughter, Kulture, on Instagram to celebrate the completion of her 4-year-old’s first stage of schooling.

Cardi B

In the images, the little one can be seen wearing a blue cap and gown and holding a certificate that reads, “Award Certificate Celebrating Kulture Cephus for the Best Dance Moves.”

“My baby moving on up [graduation cap emoji],” Cardi captioned her post. “I’m an emotionally proud mommy [teary-eyed emoji, black heart emoji],” added Cardi before addressing her young daughter. “Give me good grades and I’ll give you the world baby [Earth emoji].”

Check out all the photos of Cardi’s oldest child below:

On her Instagram Story, the New York rapper shared a video of her and Offset‘s daughter receiving a diploma. In the clip, Kulture gets behind a microphone and says, “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor.” Following the ceremony, the mother and daughter went out for a graduation dinner with an abundance of ice cream.

Cardi B

Though Cardi’s family life seems to be going great, she recently took to social media to voice her opinions on how children should go about their parental relationships.

On Wednesday (June 21), the Grammy winner called out Brian Szasz for attending a Blink-182 concert while his father was missing aboard the lost Titanic Submersible. Prior to that, Szasz defended his decision to go to the San Diego concert despite the fact that his stepfather, Hamish Harding, was one of the five missing people aboard the submersible.

“Isn’t it sad you’re a whole fucking billionaire and nobody gives a fuck about you?” she said in part of her message. “Like you’re missing and muthafuckas is ready to shake dicks at concerts. That’s crazy, I’d rather be broke and poor but know that I’m loved.”

Cardi B

Unimpressed by Cardi B’s dressing down of his actions, Szasz fired back in his own video response, accusing the Bronx rapper of being a clout chaser while also telling her to “grow up.”

“So you take a complete bitch like Cardi B [who] has no idea what’s going on, her career is in such turmoil that she needs clout off other people’s suffering,” he began. “And she’s like [mocking the rapper’s voice], ‘Ah, he won’t go help, blah, blah, blah. He goes to a rock concert, this and that.’

“[She] tries to use the situation to exploit, like the news. They’re not feeling sorry for my mom who has to take care of two kids, not really giving a fuck that my stepdad’s probably 99 percent chance he’s dead. That doesn’t matter. Doesn’t care how we feel, just trying to fucking make gains.”

Cardi B

He added: “People, like, trolling, getting hate mail, all these things. It’s just fucked up. And to have Cardi B behind it… Cardi B, fucking grow up, and get some class. You’re tasteless.”


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Chris Brown

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