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Brenda Ngxoli airs her family’s dirty laundry

South African actress Brenda Ngxoli has openly shared her family’s internal conflicts. Taking to social media, she revealed details about the tensions and disputes she faces with her relatives. Brenda’s candid posts have sparked discussions and drawn significant attention from her followers and the public, highlighting the personal struggles she is navigating

Brenda has since branded her sister, evil. “Althea Lumka Ngxoli is her name. My ungrateful beloved sister has made a habit through the years of verbally abusing me at every turn she wishes. Who has allegedly been spreading vicious rumours about me, kindly allow me to elaborate.

brenda ngxoli

Today I break silence,” she said. “Through the years, I have supported my mom and sister with everything; rent, food, clothes, you name it. Even when I was living in Eastern Cape full-time, I was still paying their rent. One day when visiting them, my sister kicked me out at 11pm in the night.

Brenda added that she has been homeless for nearly two years now. “Why must I leave all to them to enjoy? Nithi mandiyephi (where should I go), it’s not like ya’ll are going to house me. Why must the victim make a plan and perpetrators be left alone? Kwaze kwabuhlungu kum (this is painful),” she added. “Lastly, if my sister is going to take my stuff, she must do it during the people… Lumka you always said, ‘Let’s go to the media. Well, here it is Sisi.

brenda ngxoli

Let me share my fame with you.” Brenda said she will no longer be silenced for the sake of her family’s integrity. “But all I’m doing is creating a safe haven for shenanigans that do not grow nor heal us as a family. I’m done covering up my scars for my child’s sake. May she know that even if it was a while later, mama spoke out,” she concluded.

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