Bobby Shmurda Says Anyone Over The Age Of 21 Is too Old to Have Opps

Bobby Shmurda has stated that anyone who is over 21 is too old to be involved in street culture and has enemies gunning for them every second. During an interview on BS/W Jake Paul on July 2o, the New York rapper elaborated on his thoughts about people over the legal drinking age having “opps” in the street.

Bobby Shmurda

“Hey guys, once you pass 21, you can’t have opps bro,” he said. “You too old for opps. You’re too old for opps when you pass 21 guys. You gotta be getting businesses and shit, bro. Not you got some fucking opps.”

He continued: “If you 30 and you telling me about some opps, get ya dumbass on. Ya, big stupid ass. Too old for opps. You are supposed to be cleaned up. If you bossing like you say you bossing. I’m just saying.”

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The “Hot N-gga” artist has been unapologetically vocal about a number of topics pertaining to Hip Hop and street culture as of late. But, his opinion on rap music received criticism from Charlamagne Tha God back in June because he felt Shmurda has no right to downplay rap music because he’s been a product of the culture and has continued notoriety because of it.

While doing The Breakfast Club‘s staple segment, The Rumor Report, Charlamagne explained why he feels the New York rapper’s criticisms of the most popular music genre in the world are unfounded.

“I don’t think he should insult rap because we wouldn’t know Bobby Shmurda if it wasn’t for rap,” he said at the time. “Rap is the reason why we know Bobby Shmurda, and I love Bobby Shmurda’s energy and his personality, but I feel like the public isn’t really receptive to his new music. They haven’t really been rocking with his new music since he’s been released from prison.”

Bobby Shmurda

The Breakfast Club co-host then said that although Bobby Shmurda wasn’t a snitch and is now home making positive music, the culture doesn’t seem to care about that.

The conversation surrounding the Brooklyn MC’s disdain for rap music arose when he went on The Danza Project podcast in the same month and urged kids to steer clear of Hip Hop because it’s “dangerous.”

“These kids are following you guys, and you’re rapping about these fucking lifestyles…and it’s very dangerous to the communities [because] these little kids [really] think that [it’s] going on, and you did not even live [any] [of] [it],” he said previously.

As a result, Shmurda revealed that he no longer likes rap and only catches new music when out clubbing. In his opinion, rap music is meant to uplift people, not influence negativity.

Bobby Shmurda

“Rap is supposed to be telling muthafuckas to go from negative to positive, coming from poverty to go to riches…and how to stay in that and how to change,” he continued. “That’s the shit that I want to hear. I wanna hear about living life.”

Rather than listening to rap music, Bobby Shmurda said he prefers reggae these days. In fact, he even stated at the time that he is so out of the loop that another rapper could have dissed him in a song and he wouldn’t have even noticed. “I don’t know nothing about no rappers,” he added. “[The] only time I listen to rap is when I’m in the club.”

Source – HipHopDx

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Doja Cat

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