Blueface Surprises His New Girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis With New Mercedes G-Wagon

Blueface‘s current girlfriend and mother of two of his children, Jaidyn Alexis, is now the proud owner of a Mercedes G-Wagon. The surprise went down on Wednesday (August 2), with the “Thotiana” rapper blindfolding Jaidyn as he led her up to her new gift. Upon taking off the blindfold and having a hard time believing that the new wheels were really hers, Blue told her: “You know you a superstar and shit now. You can’t just be [riding in anything].”


Moments later, the pair were riding out with their two kids in the back while rocking to Jaidyn’s recent single, “Stewie.”

You can check out the clips below:

Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis got back together earlier this year amid the former’s split from Chrisean Rock, who is currently pregnant with his child. Last week, the exes went tit-for-tat on Twitter for a few days, with Chrisean accusing a Los Angeles native of driving her to drink.

But it seems that Blueface may have finally crossed a line with his recent tweets, in which he claimed that Rock was nothing more than a “side bitch” this whole time.


“When that lie detector test episode drops you guys will understand y I demoted Chrisean to side bih,” he wrote, referring to the former couple’s reality TV show. “Yo man bih gotta keep it [100] even when it hurts the position I’m in my main gotta listen over a jail call if need be it’s a lot of assets involved I can’t depend on no liar.”

“What side bitch?” Christian Rock replied. “If u had bitches n I had n-ggas I say it was a regular toxic situation …we fell out cuz I don’t want you controlling me. ‘You ain’t my bitch if I can’t control u.’ It was cool till u started saying only u can cheat.”

She continued: “You wanted to fuck with other bitches. I never was yours I just loved you for a season of my life and that’s all. You wanted to do u, so I did me simple. Then I got tired of that so I went on bout my way fr I rather make bread alone than with someone that really ain’t with me.


“You tweeting because you are blocked. No more coochie for u blue if it ain’t you pussy no more bitch. I don’t wan fuck with u only when I wan fuck with u so fuck u. Yo bitch ass called 5times from no caller ID. I’ma unblock yo bitch ass wen da baby gets here but for now, enjoy pretending by all means I don’t give a fuck.”

Source – HipHopDx

In Other News – Doja Cat Ramps Up The Sexy In Victoria’s Secret World Tour Promo

Doja Cat will be the headliner for the forthcoming Victoria’s Secret World Tour – which is part fashion show, part documentary. Taking to Instagram on Thursday (August 3), the famous lingerie brand shared a photo of Doja’s seductive look from the pre-taped special. Set to air on Prime Video on September 26, the show marks the company’s first televised runway show since 2018.

Doja Cat

“We’re thrilled to reveal @dojacat — the global phenom and Grammy winner — as the featured performer in our highly anticipated special. #TheTour23,” the caption read. Read more

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