Barack Obama lists 3 questions that’ll help you know if you’ve found your soulmate

Former US President Barack Obama leads a very happy, content marriage life with his lady love, Michelle Obama. The two are a lovely and inspiring pair and both have motivated millions in many different kinds of ways. People have always been interested in their marriage. Quite interestingly, Barack Obama believes that one can identify their soulmate by asking these 3 questions to about their potential spouse.

Let’s take a look at the 3 questions that Obama swears by!

1. Is your partner interesting?
Obama believes that since you will be spending more time with a person than anyone, your partner should be interesting enough. You should have an urge to know what your partner is thinking and doing because it genuinely interests you. Unless you find an interest in that person, it is going to be pretty difficult.

Michelle Obama.

2. Is your partner funny?
Someone who can make you laugh at their jokes and sarcasm is someone whom you should treasure for life. Obama believes it is quite important to share a sense of humour with your partner because your relationship is bound to be boring after a point. It is then, that these funny jokes are going to keep the spark alive in the relationship.

3. Will your partner be a good parent?
Lastly, question yourself whether your partner will be a good parent to your child. This is a very important factor that one needs to be sure of, later on in life, when the decision to have children comes forward. Being with someone who is kind, caring and can instill good values in children is ardent, and necessary.

Obama has led a successful life and has also been a president loved by all, with the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, by his side. You can definitely ask yourself these questions to know if your partner is the one!

Source: People

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