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Azealia Banks Calls Doja Cat Corny And Calls Kendrick Lamar Overrated



Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is never one to hold her tongue, and her latest targets include both Doja Cat and Kendrick Lamar as she went off on the former’s latest foray into rap.

Azealia Banks

In a series of posts to her Instagram Story on Thursday (June 15), the “212” artist went in on Doja for her new song “Attention” where she adopts a boom-bap rap style.

Kendrick got dragged into the conversation merely by association, as Banks referred to Doja as “Doja Lamar” for her delivery.

“I really be wanting to like Doja’s music but it’s all just sooo try hard,” Banks began. “Her first album was actually cool as hell….it was her own authentic art voice. Doja doesn’t have the theater training/authentic hunger needed to seamlessly be the master of the genre she’s trying to be.

Azealia Banks

She sounds like a white girl that grew up in a house. It’s not giving that pissy stairwell/bacon egg and cheese/vanilla Dutch NYC energy she’s reaching for. But it’s also def a Cali thing. California rap culture is simply just not as dynamic/impactful/swagged out as east coast/southern rap culture shit.”

She continued: “It’s like purposely inoffensive and caters to paper shoe Tom and matted hair Abigail. Ughhh, Doja Lamar is not the artistic statement she wants it to be.

Her approach to trying to conceptualize an authentic rap record is giving Angel haze nyc WANNABE levels of boring rip pity rap/cheesy Soho white boy hype beast circa ’06. Like she’s giving me those weird fka twigs biracial girl identify crisis vibes.

Then like the obvious @uglyworldwide swagger jacking is just a big ball of NYC wannabe. Lol sis, these rap n-ggas are dickriders and are def gonna gas you like you ate it, but I’m telling you this with love….. This is DUMB corny.”

“More thoughts on Doja Lamar… To be fair Kendrick got some cool hooks and melodies, but I think he’s madly overrated, and extremely complacent. I don’t care to argue about ghostwriters, because who cares, but nah… Kendrick dead ass has white ghostwriters writing about the black struggle n shit. I’ve heard some feature verses from him that were dope, but he is making that kind of rap music that allows white people to indulge in the weird fetishization of ‘the black struggle’ to patronize and absolve themselves of any real-world responsibility because they think being a Kendrick fan is proof that they are ‘Allies.’”

“(Kendrick is really bugging if he thinks he’s fucking with Drake on any day. I LOL’ed hard at that little sub he threw Drake and laughed EVEN HARDER at him thinking he’s skilled enough to put his name in the same sentence with Jay. Like my n-gga, u r not fuckin with Wayne/Drake /Styles P/Jadakiss/Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma/OR Azealia Banks. Please sit down and be humble. Cali rap n-ggas highkey have ZERO swag. No offense but y’all are really on some nerd shit. And not like, hot fuckable Donald Glover Black culture nerd shit. Like y’all really are the most unappetizing nerdy friend zone type rap n-ggas lmaooo”

“Kendrick be HELLA GASSEDD lmfaooooo I dare him to think he’s fuckin w/ jadakiss/cyhi da prince/lil Kim/DMX/bun b/ghost face… like I can make a list of 200 rappers that are hotter than Kendrick LMAOO”

Azealia Banks concluded her rant by teasing music of her own.

Azealia Banks

“Shit, I may as well just drop these rap records and show bitches AND n-ggas how to *actually* thug it out. These rappers r soft as fuck b. I legit cannot resist the urge to just burst n-ggas bubble lmao”

A few months prior, Banks set her sights on Nicki Minaj, accusing the “Super Freaky Girl” hitmaker of having an unhealthy obsession with her long-running rap rival, Cardi B.

“Nah, y’all have had a lot to say about my mental health over the years and my opinions and all this, that and the third, but are you guys really not watching Nicki Minaj stalk Cardi B?” Azealia asked in a video posted to her Instagram Stories.

“Are you guys not watching this psychotic obsession that Nicki Minaj has for Cardi B now and how dangerous this shit is getting now? Truth be told, the reason that you’re probably still mad five years later is ’cause you probably originally wanted to be Cardi B’s friend.”

Azealia Banks

She continued: “It’s, like, obvious. You wanted to go to the Cardi B slumber party and wear footsie pajamas and hang out with Cardi ’cause she’s fun, she looks fun, like she’s a good time. And I think you’re mad and still doing this shit and still screaming because you’ve completely burned that bridge.”


In Other News- Doja Cat Responds To All The Trolls In New Song Titled Attention

Doja Cat has made her grand return after taking a little break from music, dropping off rap-heavy new single “Attention” — check out the song’s video below.

Doja Cat

The Tanu Muino-directed music video sees the Planet Her hitmaker roaming the streets of Los Angeles, donning a white tee, jeans, and leather jacket as she avoids adoring fans and people on the street wearing strange flesh-colored masks. Learn more


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