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Andile Ncube and Rosette Ncwana May Still Like Each Other

Andile Ncube and Rosette Ncwana are believed to be flirtatious with one another.

The radio presenter revealed his confusion in picking between Rosette and his second baby mama Sebabatso Mothibi in the reality show, Young Famous and African (YFA).

andile ncube and rosette ncwana

The two baby mamas featured in the reality series and the triangle were evident to all viewers.

Just when we thought it was over, Andile stirred his followers with a story detailing the intimacy between him and his first baby mama.

“I’m officially gonna be single for life!!! Let me tell you a story… As I was editing this reel trying to show some of the results and processes we’ve undergone over the last couple of months since starting our journey with @ananda_aesthetics_, @rosette_ncwana kept removing all the pics I chose and sending me ones where she’s half-naked, barely dressed in her bikini (the reel is proof). So you can imagine my phone is filled with her ‘nudes’ and not the skin/hair journey she’s been on. I have more nudes now than when we were together,” he wrote.

andile ncube and rosette ncwana

The story triggered lots of his followers as they believe he is yet to set boundaries, while a few others supported the ship.

Comments be like this:

“You don’t have boundaries and at this point, you are equally the problem. You seem to like the attention.”

“You deserve to be single. Although you have a nice personality according to the SHOW. but no women deserve a man like you. Sorry, no offense just being honest.”

“This arrangement must be very difficult for your current partner please ensure she maintains her mental health.”

andile ncube and rosette ncwana

“There’s no woman who will ever agree to be in this madness arrangement. There’s a way of doing it respectfully so. It seems like Rosette is a gatekeeper and you have no boundaries. Good luck in finding your forever. Nagalendlela ohamba ngayo ozayo ngeke Alaste ozayo. I fully understand what Sebabatso went through.”

“So you’re not willing to tune down your friendship with a rosette for your woman?! I mean even women need to tune down their friendships for a great relationship, why is it so hard for you?”


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