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AKA’s clothing range almost launched before passing away

AKA’s clothing range project paused after he got killed.  AKA was set to release a clothing range before his death. The rapper died on the 10th of February after a hitman shot and killed him in front of a restaurant in Durband.The range was in collaboration with House of Ole.

Fashion Designer Ole Ledimo opened up about the project and how much he misses his late friend. We were planning the new flavour and looks and the drip that goes with it. He and I have had many years of collaboration and it’s been surreal,” he revealed to ZiMoja.


Speaking about the clothing range they were working on, Ole said: “The range is black, white and green. The jacket is there, complete and we were meant to do a mass production of t-shirts and all. But he passed on. There were sketches, fabrics, and ideas we had made.


“The blazer Lynn Forbes wore at the memorial service was one of the designs we made for the range. The jacket has the Lemonade lyrics on it. The plan was that he would launch it as a full suit, shirt, jacket pants, and t-shirts that are ready to wear. Everything was set and going well but he passed on,” he added.


The fashion designer also talked about AKA’s personality.

“I liked the fact that he was different, misunderstood and a lot of people thought he was arrogant but for me, I never interpreted it in that way but saw someone who knew what he wanted,” Ole said.
When I created, he challenged me and allowed me to feed off his character. He was very creative and iconic. Every time I was meant to create anything for him, I would go back to his sets and listen to his songs, and that would elevate me and take me to the space he was in when writing the music and we’d be on the same wavelength. He was bold and not ashamed of sharing with the people who he truly was. He loved hard, boldly, and unapologetically.

Source: eNCA

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