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Actress Khanya Mkangisa and her partner are engaged



Khanya Mkangisa

DJ and actress Khanya Mkangisa is reportedly readying to walk down the aisle following her engagement with her partner Desmond Williams.  The new mom and her lover are keeping the news of their engagement under wraps.

“I think they are aiming for summer wedding but knowing how cagey this couple is, they can go to Home Affairs and just announce that they married,” the source joked. Williams is the ex-husband and baby daddy of Mawe Vundla who is a socialite and model Tshepi Vundla’s sister.

Mawe and Tshepi Vundla are the nieces of Generations: The Legacy creator Mfundi Vundla. Tshepi is in a long-term relationship with rapper Tabure Thabo Bogopa Junior (popularly known as JR) and the pair have two children together.

Khanya Mkangisa

The clean technology developer and the former YoTV presenter started dating in 2022. In February this year, the former Unmarried actress revealed that she hasld given birth to her first child, a baby boy .Khanya revealed the news of her pregnancy in an interview with Nounouche.

“When we found out, we were in disbelief. It’s crazy how you’ll still be shocked although it was like uhh, what did you think would happen? But you just never know what the universe wants and what God has planned for you so I cried, obviously. I’ve been crying a lot with my pregnancy, it’s just so emotional… Everyday I couldn’t believe that I was baking a whole human,” Khanya said.

Speaking about her her newborn, she added: “I want him to know that he’s loved because when he knows that he’s loved, he’ll have the confidence to be able to become the best version of himself and whatever that is and whatever he chooses what that is for him.

Khanya Mkangisa

“I think what maybe makes it not so hard is knowing I waited to have a child. I really, really waited and the last thing I wanted was regret. Now I feel like I’m fulfilled, I have fulfilled my purpose. I’ve lived my life. I’ve travelled. There’s always room for more. But then you realise who’s to say you can’t still do those things? But for the most part, all my dreams I have tried to reach them in the best way possible.

Source: News365


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