5 reasons you feel like a loser

Most of us have felt down at certain times in our lives. We have moments when things are going super well, then other less flattering times that we would rather not remember or talk about. It’s normal to feel like you’re not really where you expected to be in life. And when you’re in this emotional state, you may find yourself harshly criticising yourself and wondering if you’re really the loser people are talking about.

This can be a difficult subject to think about and for some, it can lead to a spiral of depression. To avoid falling into this dark place, you need to analyse why you’re feeling this way and what you can do about it:

1. You’re not challenging yourself

It’s perfectly normal to prefer comfort over risk. We tend to get comfortable with the safest options and avoid situations that might stress us out.

The problem with this is, that comfort doesn’t give room for growth. It’s the challenges we avoid so much that help us find our purpose and inner strengths.

Maybe you haven’t really done anything in the past couple of years to challenge yourself which is why you’re starting to feel like a failure. Try and do something challenging even if it’s learning a new skill that could boost your career.

2. You have a pessimistic mindset

We know that there is a lot that can go wrong in life. But a healthy mind will also remember that there is a lot that could go right, which is what you might be missing.

Start training your mind to see positive perspectives because that’s when you will see what you’ve been blessed with.

3. You base your worth on superficial things

Vanity comes with an appetite that can never be satisfied. It doesn’t give you enough time to appreciate your accomplishments because you will already have your eyes set on the next big thing.

Once you buy the car you’ve been working hard for, you start comparing it to your neighbour’s car. Then when you get your neighbour’s car, you will compare it to your friend’s car, and the cycle continues.

It could be that you need to start focusing on things that matter like the fact that you have good health or loving friends.

4. You give up too quickly

You might also be feeling down about yourself because you haven’t built the character of patience. The lack of patience will make you feel like a failure after every hiccup and that is not a healthy attitude.

Remind yourself that every journey is a mixture of ups and downs and that it’s expected that things won’t always happen how we want them to.

5. You’re comparing other’s highs to your lows

It could also be that you’re unfairly comparing your low moments to other people’s happy moments. You don’t realize that these people you’re comparing yourself to have had their fair share of troubles that they don’t bring up.

Understand that it’s not just you who experiences problems and that you shouldn’t isolate yourself like that.

Source: People

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