10 flags that shows ex-boyfriend wants you back

The relationship is “sort of” over because you are trying to move on but he is asking for a second chance. Not just with words, he has made real changes in the past couple of months.

Old habits die hard but so do old feelings. It might be hard to catch the lies and end up blaming yourself for “falling for it”. He might believe he has changed, too, which does not make the spotting any easier.

Here are 10 lifestyle comebacks that should alert you that something might not be right. Especially if they are new lifestyle changes.

1. Talking about how he has changed
You might even feel more convinced that he has not changed. He is trying to convince you to believe this rather than simply being changed. It might even prey on your feelings to let him in quicker than you would have without the incessant pleas.

2. Flashing money
There’s nothing wrong with being generous but if it is overly done, it does not come off as genuine. It interferes with addressing real issues and gives off the impression that nothing has changed but you should let it slide for the cash pour.

3. Being “nice”
They carry themselves in a way that surprises you. Imitating and acting nice are easy when the goal is short term, to get you back. However, they quickly vanish as time slowly passes or when their patience runs out.

4. Gyming
They adopt a new look, become a “gym bro”, adopt a healthy lifestyle, upgraded his wardrobe of clothes and accessories. These are great personal changes but they don’t translate into a better interpersonal relationship in themselves.

5. Traveling
He is travelling all over the world or country and going on adventures. He shares his experiences with you and seems to be having the time of his life. You see him in a different light. However it might be a train heading towards you as many things appear different from a far.

6. Has given up toxic habits
He has quit smoking, weed, drugs, alcohol. When one’s heart is on the line, it is easy to give up toxic habits. But even on one’s own it requires tremendous effort to become clean.

7. Cutting off friends
He cut off some of his friends and has new popular interests and hobbies. Has changed the way he spends his time and with whom.

8. More or less busy
He is very busy and has a popular social set up or has more time to spend with you and engaging with you on things that matter to you.

9. Charity
He is volunteering, raising money for causes, giving money to charity, helping the underpriviledged.

10. Making a scene
He does grand gestures and tries to woo you with big romantic, or otherwise, actions. Using his friends, posting on social media, coming to you at odd times, surprises.

These are not fool-proof but any sudden or surprising behaviour in winning back trust, love, warrants a close look.

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