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Zoleka Mandela’s pregnancy fitness goals – Video

Being heavily pregnant isn’t reason enough for Zoleka Mandela to put her fitness routine on ice. In fact, she’s working out just as hard and is determined to stay fit throughout her pregnancy.Zoleka Mandela1

Zoleka who is expecting her sixth child shared a series of videos of what her fitness regime currently looks like.

“I wanted to remind you of something … the more you increase your pregnancy fitness, the faster you’ll recover physically after childbirth, the more fit you’ll be after delivery. In a study, women who exercised recovered faster after labour (even after controlling for the type of delivery), resuming household chores more quickly than those who didn’t exercise.” — What To Expect,” Zoleka said.

In a separate post, Zoleka spoke about the mental and emotional benefits of exercising during pregnancy and into the journey of parenthood.

“Becoming a parent is hard, let’s face it. The hardest bloody thing in the world. Our mental health suffers. We lose our own identity, our energy, and many become tired, depressed and some even suicidal.

“Exercise causes a release of endorphins (the happy hormone) and is the best medicine available for low moods and depression. The first thing people note when they start an exercise regime is just how much energy they have and how good it makes them feel.”


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