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Zodwa Wabantu to launch Day and Night perfume – I want every woman to smell like me

This December, controversial entertainer Zodwa Wabantu will be launching Touchable Day and Touchable Night eau de parfum. At first, the 34-year-old wanted to come up with an alcohol brand but opted for a fragrance instead. “I thought of many business ideas and alcohol was at the top of my list, but I changed my mind because I wanted something that wasn’t so predictable and would end up killing people,” she told DRUM.

People know I drink but I wanted something that would make a difference in women’s lives, and a fragrance came to mind. She has taken almost a year working on the fragrance.“This is not your downtown Jozi or KZN fragrance. This is proper, and people will see another classy side to me,” she says.

Zodwa Wabantu to launch Day and Night perfume

Zodwa’s favourite scents are Chanel No. 5 and Dior Poison. I took my favourite scents and worked with something similar to get the perfect Touchable, and partnered with London-based perfume company W1C.

“The perfume was manufactured in China, taken to New York and then brought back home for Mzansi ladies,” she says. Get this straight: I am not the ambassador of any brand, this is my product. I went 50/50 with the company and black girl is doing magic. I want every woman to smell like me.”

The entertainer says women go through a lot daily and often need something to keep them motivated. “Many women look up to me and they aspire to have the same kind of carefree attitude as me. Some have been abused, others cheated on and others just want to boost their confidence. So if they use the fragrance they will think of me and be inspired,” she adds. Both fragrances will be available online here.

Source: News365

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