Friday, October 15, 2021

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Zodwa Wabantu reveals new Ben 10 – Photo

Socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu recently gave her fans a sneak peek of her new Ben 10.

Zodwa first revealed on Lasizwe’s Drink Or Tell The Truth show on YouTube that she has a new bae.

The socialite has been sharing several videos of her Ben 10. Recently taking to Instagram, she posted a video showing him off. However, Zodwa made sure that she does not reveal his face.

She shared another video of her all cuddled up with him, “I don’t Flirt, I take it if I want it. It’s not a relationship, it’s a Feeling,” read Zodwa’s captioned on one of the videos.

Speaking about her Ben 10 on Lasizwe’s show, she said: “Right now at home there is a Ben 10, He is not famous, he works I have been in lockdown with him. I love sex, I have everything, I love cuddling, I love having somebody at home. Imagine having a big house like this but you are alone

“When I go parting, my boyfriend has a girlfriend so I don’t care…but he has been with me endlini (at home) but he hasn’t moved in with me.”

Zodwa also revealed that she and Black Motion’s member Thabo Mabogwane were having casual sex.

She previously also opened up about her fling with Thabo to MacG on Podcast and Chill.

After the Twitter meltdown following Zodwa’s confession on Lasizwe’s show, Thabo also gave his side of the story on Instagram.

“My side of the story, okay before anything you guys need to respect the mother of my child because she was not involved, I was not seeing her I was not in a relationship with anyone at that time hence I did what I did, please respect the mother of my child, It’s fine if you judge me nna ha kena taba, keya iphelela(I don’t care I am living my life),” he said in a video.


We can all agree that Zodwa Wabantu is known for dating Ben 10s. After publicly revealing she had s_ex with Black Motion member Thabo Mabogwane she has never cease to amaze. In the wake of her daring confession, the exotic dancer has done it again.zodwa This time, she posted videos of the head and back of her new Ben 10, leaving her fans guessing who he was. In the first video, Zodwa is seen brushing his head and kissing him on. Learn more

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