Friday, October 15, 2021

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Zodwa Wabantu: I like it when they l!ck my [email protected]!

Zodwa Wabantu: I like it when they l!ck my [email protected]!

“It really doesn’t bother me because I decide to let them,” she said.

The fans of the reality TV star and dancer were recently seen licking her private parts when she made an appearance at Club Africa in Benoni, Gauteng in a video that has gone viral.

Watch the video below…

Zodwa can be seen dancing with her back turned towards the audience when first one man, then another man, lean forward and lick her [email protected]

Then a third man reaches out his hands and spreads the star’s legs a bit to take a look at her private parts.

Zodwa said she decides what she does with her body.
“Those who say I should keep my punani private should keep theirs private,” she said.

Zodwa said she didn’t see the actions of her fans as harassment.

“I knew exactly what was happening behind me. I could feel them touching me. These are my fans.

They love me and I was there for them. That’s why I sometimes kiss them, so they get the best experience. I enjoy engaging with them when I’m on stage and when I feel they are becoming too much, I just move away.”

-Daily Sun

In Other News: Katlego Maboe gets dragged in another s.e.x scandal

As the saying goes, when it rains it pours. At the moment Katlego Maboe is going through the most because of the bombshell revelations that were exposed by his wife as if that wasn’t enough, he has been exposed for yet another career crushing scandal.

Katlego Maboe

Social commentator, Kgopolo Mphela recently shared some hot tea about Katlego, which involves even more cheating allegations. Katlego may be in for a…learn more

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