Saturday, July 31, 2021

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Zizo Beda’s husband Mayihlome Tshwete address divorce rumours

Former Home Affairs Spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete and TV personality Zizo Beda’s marriage has been under a microscope for some years now

Rumours of a separation, and then a divorce, were reported between the pair by several publications since 2017 but nothing was confirmed.

Recently, however, when Zizo Beda started trending on Twitter for her preaching, Mayihlome stepped in to defend her.

A video of Zizo preaching the word of God who met with criticism and trolling on Twitter, with many claiming that she is high or going through a very tough time to be talking like that. This is when Mayihlome tweeted in her defense, making it clear that Zizo has had the gift of preaching for years.

Naturally, he was applauded for this act because a man who defends his “wife” is honourable. However, Mayihlome poured cold water on claims that Zizo is his wife. He replied to a few tweets, explaining that he defended her because she is the mother of his son but he is not married.

In Other News: Woman says Bishop Makamu touched her [email protected] and tried to kiss – Leaked police statement reveals

The woman said the bishop refuted her allegations … and allegedly offered her father R1 million!

Israel MakamuThe woman who recorded Bishop Israel Makamu allegedly asking to know her in a biblical sense alleged that he...learn more

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