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Zahara – I love the woman I have become

Local singing sensation Zahara continues to be one of the biggest local acts in the South African music space today. The star has come a long way since she released her monster debut album ‘Loliwe’ back in 2011 and now, as she celebrates almost a decade in the music industry, the star has been looking back at how far she has come.

Today, Zahara is a strong, independent woman who has learned from the many ups and downs she has gone through. “I love the woman I’ve become,” the singer said in a recent interview. “Nothing really bothers me. I have been criticised, hurt and labelled all sorts of things but I continue to stand firm because I know my purpose – to heal people through my music. That makes me sleep at night. Zahara is a healer, man.

Zahara has recently embarked on a residency at Emperor’s Palace and although the shows are currently on hold due to the countrywide lockdown, she keeps reminding herself just what a big dead the residency is. “With Emperors, I basically do what Celine Dion did in Las Vegas,” she says. The coveted deal will see her perform at the luxury resort chains all over the world for the next five years. “I’m sorted for many years to come, darling.


While she is a massive superstar today, things haven’t always been easy for Zahara. “At the height of my career I was willing to give it all up and go home because I thought I wasn’t good enough. My mother told me to hang in there. My family supported me all the way,” she says. “Today I don’t ask myself what my purpose is. It hurts when people say negative things because I am human, but my purpose is bigger than their opinions on my hair or my dress code.

We love what a powerful queen Zahara has blossomed into over the past few years and we love that she has become a strong role model for so many around the country.

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Source: News365

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