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Why DJ Shimza was at the centre of a Twitter storm

Why DJ Shimza was at the centre of a Twitter storm. You probably saw DJ Shimza trending on Thursday and wondered what was going on. Well it seems the DJ found himself in a tricky situation that involved him allegedly being “taken for a ride”, a mixer (DJ equipment) and some guys named Mlindo and Theo.

Right. First things first, the Mlindo here is not the “iii iii iii” vocalist. Secondly, the Theo here is not the waist winding veteran Mafikizolo hunk. OK?


Shimza took to social media on Thursday to release a statement after he started trending for apparently refusing to give Theo his mixer back (which is in his possession after Mlindo gave it to him), because his personal mixer is being held “hostage” after he lent it to Mlindo. For your convenience here’s the breakdown of what happened below, .

dj mixer
DJ mixer

1. Shimza lent Mlindo a mixer in 2019.

2. Mlindo apparently did not return the mixer (FWR).

3. Mlindo apparently then borrowed a mixer from Theo and gave it to Shimza – allegedly to buy time so Shimza would ease up on demanding his own mixer back.

4. Now Theo wants his mixer but Shimza wants his first. Got it?

Shimza explained that he’s tired of being taken advantage of because people know he has a lot to lose and they can easily drag his reputation in the mud on the socials. Anyway, Shimza made it clear that he’s not parting with any mixer – no matter who it actually belongs to – until his mixer is returned to him. The musician made it clear that he’s willing to stand by his decision, regardless of public opinion.

DJ shimza

“No-one is getting any mixer from me before I get mine back. I’m tired of keeping quiet, then people acting victim because they know I have more to lose, f*** that! My mixer first then I can release the one that was brought to me without asking in the name of buying more time for me to be lied to.” In his Facebook comments, Shimza explained that he was only trying to help, but it was clear to him now that his kindness was being used against him.

“I want my mixer back! That’s it! I’ve been waiting since November 2019,” Shimza said.

Read his full statement below:


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