Friday, September 17, 2021

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Watch | Dog takes on Master KG’s ‘Jerusalema’ dance challenge

Scores of people around the world have taken part in the ‘Jerusalema’ dance challenge. The song has united people of all races. Dogs are now joining in on the fun. A video showing a puppy taking part in the challenge is doing the rounds on social media.

The puppy can be seen having the time of her life:

The puppy is not the first one to take part in the challenge. Another puppy was filmed dancing to the hit song a few weeks ago.

In other news: Offset to Cardi B: Don’t Forget To Do [email protected] Tightening For Your Next Boyfriend

American rapper Cardi B and her husband Offset have washed their dirty clothes on social media after it was rumoured that their beautiful marriage has hit the rock.cardi-b-and-offset

Cardi B in a twitter post indirectly accused Offset of cheating after she advised ladies or married women to file for divorce when their men cheat on them…continue reading

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