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From Cleaner To Our TV Screen, Meet Uzalo Actress Mam Madlala

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Ntombifuthi Dlamini is a South African actress popular for her role on Uzalo as Mrs Madlala. How she goes from a cleaner to an attractive actress is a story that still wows everyone. Not every entertainer is planned to become a star. For some it happens by accident and this is the case for the actress.Mam Madlala

Prevalently known by the Uzalo fans as Mrs Mdlala, the actress starts off as an extra on the soapie. In 2014 she auditions as an extra. She is just a clinic cleaner trying to score some coins. Surprisingly, Dlamini aces the audition, leading to her getting a regular role. “I audition and manage to impress the judges.”

Her acting skill charms the production team and she gets to play the role of a church board member. “I then get the role of Mam’ Madlala. “I’m grateful to the producers for giving me this opportunity.” The mum of two kids , 22 and 11, is like doodle and cheese with Ntombifuthi. “I’m a very shy person but Mam’ Madlala is outspoken. I also dress differently and I’m not a keen churchgoer.”Mam Madlala1

From earning peanuts as a clinic cleaner, the actress is bagging a salary in the range of R15 000 – R25 000 per month. Dlamini is learning a lot about acting and the money she earns helps her look after her family. “My late sister’s kids live with me and the money I earn helps a lot to support us. I used to struggle before joining Uzalo but now life is better,” Ntombifuthi says.Mam Madlala2

The actress who used to walk to work goes through a massive glow up and buys herself a burning whip. You can bet it really gives her that glow.

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