Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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#Uyajola99: Love triangle and umjolo drama exposed

Drama erupted on the season premiere of Moja Love’s hit reality show that is aimed at exposing cheating partners and both episodes of the show were explosive.

In the first episode seasoned media personality Jub Jub visited a lady who felt as if her long-time Boyfriend is slipping away from her, as the love, attention, and affection is no longer there.

“He used to call me almost ten times a day, now he only calls three times and that is not what I am used to, I feel like he is cheating on me, and I need you to investigate for me because whenever he returns from work he is always tired and we no longer get intimate like we used to,” she said.

Jub Jub investigated, and it turned out that the boyfriend is indeed cheating.

The boyfriend was found with another girl in his car and in one of their conversations where he was asking for them to go solve their problem at home without the cameras, he admitted that he is cheating on her with the girl that he was found with.

But before that drama erupted and during the argument, Amanda broke the window of her boyfriend’s car when she went to collect her bag and the lady that was found in the car with Amanda’s boyfriend told her that she gives him what she cannot give him.

In one of the scenes’ the boyfriend drove off with the side chick and she ran after them on foot.

While running after him, she can be heard declaring how much she loves him.

Jub Jub caught up with her and took her to the car to assist her to look for him again.

“I iron for this man, cook and look after him, yet he is busy satisfying himself with the other lady while I am starving. I groomed him, I guess it is true when they say that some girls love readymade men, but he will remember me one day,” she vented to Jub Jub.

At the end of the episode, after they were caught for the second time, the side chick was taken home by Jub Jub and his crew while Amanda and her Boyfriend drove home to solve their problems.

Reacting to this week’s episode, viewers of the show said they are concerned about how Amanda is willing to sweep all the drama under the carpet.

“I’m deeply concerned about how ready the Lady is willing to take this guy back home no matter what,” Kealeboga Mothobi said.

While on the second episode Moss visited a lady who wants to repossess her property from her estranged husband who served the summons to maintain her.

She says that she has been supporting her husband not knowing that she is taking the money that she has been maintaining him with starting a new life with it.

Reacting to the episode people applauded her as she recorded everything on her phone.

“Mama is capturing evidence for her divorce case, that is smart,” Sne Mkhize said.

-Daily Sun

In Other News: Update: Hundreds of members gather outside Church in disbelief over Prophet TB Joshua’s death – Photos

The world woke up to the sad news of the death of a well-known ‘man of God’, Prophet TB Joshua who according to his social media platforms passed away moments after a church service.Hundreds-of-members-gather-outside-Church-in-disbelief-over-Prophet-TB-Joshua-death3From an Instagram post on his page, it is written: “PROPHET TB JOSHUA – JUNE 12th 1963 to JUNE 5th 2021. “Surely the Sovereign LORD does...learn more

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