Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Types of people you should never date to avoid heartbreak

Fake relationships are the ones that leave you dissatisfied. Sure, getting into a relationship is easy – the charming words, romantic dates, lavish presents, and more can all seem incredibly attractive.

Sure it may all seem good and rosy at first, but sooner or later the real colors start to show. When red flags are seen, they are usually ignored thinking it is a one-off situation.

But as they continue to move along, these red flags tend to become serious problems, causing havoc to something that started perfectly.

No person is perfect. But ignoring signs can do more damage to a relationship and cause heartbreak and pain in the long-run. Be it with men or women, here are six kinds of people to never date to avoid pain and heartbreak:

1. Never date somebody who hasn’t healed from their past

Getting into a relationship with this person might leave you devastated for they might end up comparing you to the person in their past. This will do more damage than good since they fail to recognize that you are not and cannot be that person.

2. Never date a person who is unclear

Whether it comes to feelings, emotions, attachments, their past, or anything else, good relationships need clarity to set a strong foundation. Statements like “let’s go with the flow,” not putting a label on what you are, ignoring your questions about their past, etc. are all red flags to watch out for.

3. Never date somebody who doesn’t meet their own expectations

It is very easy to make things sound rosy and create a web of dreams and lies. But when it is time to act, there are only excuses and absolutely no effort.

4. Never date somebody who is self-obsessed

It is easy to spot somebody who is self-obsessed – they only care about telling you their problems and need somebody to listen to them. When it comes to them listening or helping out, they vanish, tune out, or just don’t care.

5. Never date a person who never accepts their mistake

Taking the blame, owning up, showing up are all signs of a decent human being. Instead, passing the baton, making excuses for not showing up, not taking the blame, etc. are all things that will come and bite you later on.

6. Never date a person who is never around

You have to wait for hours together to get a text or a callback. They are selfish and only get in touch when they want you or miss you. Forget making you feel special and loved, they are not there even when you need them the most!

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