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Twitter Backlash Forces Lvovo To Withdraw His Question

Twitter Backlash Forces Lvovo To Withdraw His Question. Musician Lvovo did not expect to receive all the clap backs he received on Twitter after asking a simple question about how academics were going. The twitter streets are a very interesting place to be, with everyone always sharing their thoughts openly and freely, however that does not mean they are welcomed.


The national lockdown has unfortunately meant that schools and universities across the country are closed with many turning to online learning during this time, so when Lvovo took to the timelines he probably had good intentions. Lvovo asked “academically kuhamba kanjani?” (how’s it going), however, the musician was left with quite with the egg on his face as the response rolled in.

The responses were definitely unexpected and rather harsh one could say with one response saying “academically, Im like you musically”. H for hectic!

Some even attacked the musician asking what does he know about academics and another response attacked Lvovo for misspelling academically.

“I’m carrying you on my back, silanda ischool fees sakho kulomuntu owakufundisa ukuthi ku academically kunabo ‘c’ ababili,” responded one tweep.

The responses were not entirely bad with some people thanking Lvovo for asking as they let him know they are ready for their examinations. The fire replies had some tweeps calling out the rudeness in the responses as Lvovo simply asked a nice question.

The backlash led Lvovo to withdraw his question, which probably came from a good place but was not received well.

“After much consideration. I have taken the decision to withdraw this Question. Akuhambi kahle kubahlali,” tweeted the musician. Academics are clearly a touchy subject.


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