Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Actor Tshepo Mosese(Howza)struggling with diabetes

Actor Tshepo Mosese, better known as Howza, is on a journey to reverse his diabetic condition.

He has been living with diabetes for more than 20 years.

Howza said he was approached by Ubuntu Wellness NPO Spa and Float Centre, an initiative that was started in India and works with over 20 000 patients.

“Through my testimony, I aim to amplify and educate. People know about the comorbidity but they don’t know what it is and what are the challenges facing their families. We need a strong support system,” said Howza.

The Scandal!’s actor said he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and that means his pancreas cannot produce insulin.

“I have to inject myself in order to control my blood glucose level,” said Howza.

He also emphasised that he survived because he treated his body in a spiritual way.

“Love, respect your body and accept your condition. Nothing is better than self-love and this has been my healing process. Of course if it wasn’t for my family I would not have survived,” said Howza.

Howza said Ubuntu Wellness encourages people to eat natural food.

“I eat vegetables and fish. This way my sugar levels have been fairly controlled.” said Howza.

“People must know this is manageable.”

The actor is also a musician. However, he last released music about a decade ago.

He said: “I’ve been recording over the years and have archived music that I’m renewing in studio, and I’m also recording new material.”

He said he wants to record music that will stand the test of time.

“My purpose is to leave a footprint with my music,” said Howza.

He started the new season of Speak Out as presenter. He said the show has taught him how to put himself into other people’s shoes.

“I hope we help as many people as possible. Consumers deserve what is rightfully theirs,” said Howza, who is shooting a new Netflix series.

In other news – Singer Zahara finally addresses her alleged alcoholism

Zahara has finally addressed her alleged “alcoholism” on Mac G’s podcast and Chill series, which has been picked up on television.


The songstress who has just released her album Nqaba Yam was uncomfortable talking about alcohol as she has been painted as an alcoholic for so many years. Learn more

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