Trevor Noah urges people to wear a mask, It’s for your own protection

Trevor Noah has slammed those who refuse to wear face masks in public to prevent the spread of Covid-19, saying the instruction to wear masks is there to protect us. Speaking on The Daily Show on Tuesday, Trevor cast the spotlight on several incidents of people not wearing masks that made the news, including a park being shut down because thousands of people were not wearing masks and a security guard being shot during a dispute over a face mask.

He also shared a report of a man who wiped his nose on a worker’s shirt after he was asked why he wasn’t wearing a face covering.Trevor was shocked by the reports and said that scientists need to forget a vaccine and start working on a chill pill. Health officials are asking for US to cover OUR faces to protect OURSELVES and everyone is acting like they have to be spayed and neutered. The people who don’t wear masks are ruining it for everyone.”

Trevor asked why so many people refused to wear masks when it is for their own protection. He said he understood that it was uncomfortable and made it harder to breathe but the alternative was far worse. Do you know what makes it harder to breathe? Coronavirus!Trevor Noah

The SA government has been encouraging the use of face masks in public for more than a month and last week National Treasury and the department of trade & industry published guidelines for their use. Regulations also require any user of public transport to wear a mask. The health ministry has said that while face masks may not prevent the wearer from catching the virus, it can stop those who have it from inadvertently spreading it.

“Since some persons with the coronavirus may not have symptoms or may not know they are infected, everyone should wear a face mask,” a statement by Dr A Pillay, acting director-general, on the government’s official Covid-19 resource and news portal read. Health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize told a news briefing last month that he aimed to have the wearing of masks become a part of South African culture in time.

Source – News 365

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