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Ayanda Borotho says we have been fooled to chase fancy cars in the name of being civilised

Actress Ayanda Borotho has reflected on the way many people have been “fooled” into throwing away their traditional ways to be “civilised. The star, who wrote a book on casting off society’s expectations and becoming your best self, took to Instagram this week to muse over the term “civilised” and how it had been a trick for so many over the centuries.

With plenty of time for introspection during the lockdown, she wrote: “The word itself is derived from the word ‘ukuphucwa’ meaning, ‘to have something taken away from you’. Life has never been clearer. We have never been more exposed. I sit on that chair and introspect. And God would ask me…what do you see? I see this every day, God, how we have been fooled. To move away from the very surroundings that make us one with you, to look down on our homesteads, where the ancient wisdom of our people resides. Where the ground speaks life and the mountains test our faith. Where the air is so pure you could live on it all year.

Ayanda Borotho

She said that often we are separated from God and chase a flashy lifestyle. I see how we were separated from you to chase big-screen TVs and cars that buy us a place to fit in, in a world we don’t belong in. How we are excluded from you to be included into a system that imprisons our very soul.

“We don’t owe anyone where we belong, yet we chase debt to fit in where we don’t belong. I see how the privileged ride horses while your people scramble for food. Every sunset, I watch them pass my window. They are full, yet our people are not just hungry, they are empty. Saze saphucwa ubuthina. Sadayiselwa ukuphucuzeka / impuchuko (The essence of our being snatched … and traded for civilisation).”

She said that people find solace in the simplicity of life at home and we need to connect with others in the spirit of ubuntu. The system of ubuNtu was what connected us. Not noise. Just whispers of the wind.

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