Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Top 4 fitness trends for winter

Since we are still living in the pandemic, it’s important to exercise. Not only to achieve a summer body but to also stimulate your mind.

There’s a lot that’s happening around the world that may be mentally damaging, and to help stimulate your mental health, it’s best to work out as it takes your your mind off these things.

Claire Bowen of Shower to Shower said that this year has brought about a real need for humanity to boost their feel-good hormones and take every opportunity to be as fit and healthy as possible.

She encouraged people to use exercise as a mood booster, just as they use retail therapy or specific scents.

“In the same way that a fragrance can positively improve your mood, so too can exercise dramatically improve your health. With everything going on around us, it’s imperative to find a fun, active endeavour that suits your personality, your budget and the time you have available,” she said.

Find your fit squad

They say “two is better than one” so, get yourself a gym buddy who will push you when you feel demotivated.

Virtual fitness

If you’ll be working out from home, join virtual fitness classes. It’s a fun way to interact with others who might have the same fitness goals as you.

Exercise app

Apps like MapMyRun, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Noom and others are ideal ways to keep your goals in sight.

Fun with a bit of fitness

Have a workout playlist. In that way, you won’t get bored. You might even find yourself dancing mid-workout – which is good because that’s another form of exercise.


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