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TNS Reignites Beef With DJ Shimza

When TNS went on his rant last year claiming to be targeted by some industry greats because of his music, he caused speculation as to who might be after him. Names such as DJ Tira popped up and DJ Shimza too, but the matter was laid to rest and nothing was ever solved.

DJ Shimza was a guest on Podcast And Chill with MacG last year and he spoke about this with MacG. The entrepreneur spoke about the success of Lockdown House Party saying he had some DJ’s angry at him for not booking him.

He clarified that he always wants to put Tembisa DJ’s in front of everybody else for his gigs.

MacG asked him about TNS and he said he does not have a grudge against him and even went on to explain what happened between them.

“TNS, I feel like the boy has some sort of problems in his life you know, and I feel like he really needs to come out and speak about them. We can help him. When I called TNS I said ‘bro it would be so dope to have you on the show so let’s put you on.’ I’m from Durban, we can make it happen, I’ll be happy to do it. So I call him and he is cool to do the gig.”

Then Shimza explained and said they work with Channel O to make timeslots available for DJ’s. He said TNS was slated to shoot his session on Wednesday and said the young producer had arrived on a Monday. His expenses were not going to be covered by the channel.

Then on Wednesday, Shimza said they got approval from Channel O to shoot TNS’ slot but when he called him, the muso informed him that he had already went back to Durban.

But before TNS could explain, he apparently did not answer Shimza’s calls, so this prompted him to contact his manager. The manager could also not reach TNS but when Shimza eventually did, he explained and said he felt disrespected adding that nobody called him to check up on him.

Shimza maintained that he does not hold any grudges so he is fine with TNS.

However, the Nyathela hitmaker recently went on social media to bash Shimza for this interview which by the way took place exactly a year ago, on December 2020.

He was bothered by Shimza’s opening remarks when he said he has some problems that he needs to deal with.

TNS did not like his choice of words so he bashed him and said he is too soft for him to fight, so he must just continue booking other artists and leave him alone.

“I just finished watching MacG’s [podcast]. It’s pretty old and I am only seeing it now, [it’s] just the way I don’t pay attention to a lot of things. Sorry grootman, but I heard something that does not sit well with me, you said I have issues? Do you know what issues are? You soft boy seb***in. Do you know what issues are? Don’t be too forward with me.

“I’m too old for me to keep going back and forth with you. Continue booking your friends and stay away from me. I fill up my own shows so continue doing your thing, because you and I, you’re too soft, there’s no way you can beat me,” he warned.

Even DJ Tira caught smoke about this TNS debacle. At the time of this drama, it was alleged that TNS travelled all the way to Johannesburg only to be informed that he was cancelled and replaced by another Durban artist, Tira.

Tira said he doesn’t have a problem with TNS adding that he loves him and he has helped him out on numerous occasions with his music and he booked him for his events. He said he hates that when everything happens in Durban he is always the one to be blamed.

In his rant, TNS said, “They’re so many, they even formed a group… to see if this thing I cannot handle. I cannot fight. I can’t fight this fight because I’m alone. I don’t have a mother and a father.

“They try to do all this bad things so that I quit, so that I give-up, so that I become paralyzed, so that in the end, I’ll be unable to make the kind of music I made for South Africans,” he cried.

After this, TNS has had a problem with Prince Kaybee, but their beef started way before, DJ Maphorisa and now DJ Shimza.


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