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TNS leaves fans disappointed


Event organisers were left disappointed after Nkazimulo “TNS” Ngema refused to perform at an event he was booked for.

The Umhlaba Wonke singer was supposed to perform on Friday, 16 April at the La Aura Sports Bar & Lounge in Queenstown, Eastern Cape. He refused to perform.

“We finalised all the logistics days before the event with his management. When it was time for him to perform he refused,” said the club.

“According to his management, he was expecting a crowd of 12 000 people, which is ridiculous as no club in South Africa can accommodate those numbers. None of his reasons for not performing were valid, and for this we sincerely apologise.

“We were disappointed by his arrogance and disregard he showed for his fans in Queenstown. We hope the entertainment business thinks twice about liaising with TNS or his management. Their unprofessionalism is astonishing.”
The club’s, Kwanda Thonjeni, told Daily Sun they’d never book TNS again.

“We paid him a deposit and booked B&Bs for him and his team, but once he arrived at the venue he refused to get out of the car,” he said.

“I guess he wanted people to scream and be excited over him. His management told us he wouldn’t perform unless there were 12 000 people. This was obviously impossible.”

Kwanda said: “The agreement was he’d get paid the balance after his performance. Since he didn’t perform we couldn’t pay him. We’re also not going to demand the deposit back. Basically, we want nothing to do with him.”

TNS said it was true he refused to perform.

“Our agreement was they’d do their own marketing. They failed to market the event and there were less than 50 people to perform for.

“Because of this I couldn’t perform and I communicated this to them. I have a brand to protect. I’ve nothing against them and, given a chance, I’d take their gig.”

-Daily Sun

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