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WATCH | Comedian Mai Titi reveals ex-lover Zizoe’s weak side in bed – ‘He [email protected] too quick’


WATCH | Comedian Mai Titi reveals ex-lover Zizoe’s weak side in bed – ‘He [email protected] too quick’

Controvential comedian turned singer Mai Titi revealed once again that her ex-Ben 10 Zizoe Pamyk was a 2-minute noodle when it came to bedroom staff. She once said it during their nasty break-up and we all thought this was pain and emotions running high but we can see now that she was not lying when she was saying that or it was emotions running high, she actually meant it.

Just to give you a quick jog of the memory check the article below in which Mai Titi revealed it first…Mai Titi is going all guns blazing on ex-lover Ben 10 Zizoe Pamyk. She is posting a series of videos that attacking the singer and exposing their s.e.xcapeds. Keeping up with Mai Titi diaries: Another video as she breaks down.

Mai Titi continues to break down after her break-up with her boyfriend Zizeo in the UK when they went there for a gig whilst accompanied by him the boyfriend Zizeo. Since then she has been having episodes of break downs and she does them live on social media. The latest video, she is saying Zizoe is a 2-minute noodle when it comes to bed. He doesn’t last even 5 minutes when they are playing the adult’s game.

Well, yesterday during a Live Instagram video chat with Stunner speaking about bedroom staff, Mai Titi once again revealed that Zizoe PaMyk was a quick release in bed. She went on to say that she was very patient with him to the level that she even taught him how to become a less quick releaser. She said he thought he was now good and dumped me but I’m sure wherever he is now and the partner he is with, in the bedroom nothing is happening.


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