This TsekCorona song will have you laughing all day

If the lockdown has got you feeling blue, here’s a song that will no doubt tickle your funny bone and put you in a good mood.

Some of SA’s favourite musos, including Emo and Loukmaan Adams, David Kramer, Schalk Joubert, Donveno Prins, Camillo Lombard, and Tim Rankin, got together to write a song they hope will inspire you to keep smiling while the country battles the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sung to David Kramer’s hit song Welcome to Cape Town, the song starts by encouraging people to rather avoid the area because “our city is in lockdown”.

“No-one to meet in these lonely streets. Cape Town has shut down,” it adds.

Emo Adams then sings about how there is no dop in the shops and adds that it feels like the whole world has stopped.

One of our favourite parts is when the musos tell “Auntie Rhona” to pack her bags and “v**tsek”.

“Here’s what we think of you: corona flu se moer,” they later sing.


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Source – Timeslive

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