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ThickLeeyonce shares with her fans about her first S.e.xual Experience

Social media influencer Thickleeyonce has decided to let her followers in on some of her past experiences. She got candid on her YouTube channel ‘Thickleeyonce Legobane’ about her first s.e.xual experience, detailing how she lost her virginity to her first love in high school.

First-time tags are popular amongst YouTubers and has a lot of TMI moments. Even though your celebrity status restricts you from divulging too much about your private life, this tag makes it compulsory for you to speak out. The first time I had sex. Oh my G*d, it was the absolute ghetto! But I remember it like it was yesterday because it was so precious to me and him, as it was the first time for both of us.



We were in high school, I’m not going to disclose how old, but, yeah, he was like my first true love, my first ever boyfriend, the first guy I really really loved. So, that’s why I didn’t have any regrets or anything. I was like, so scared, scared of being shamed because it felt like such a big step. Anyway, we like did it, it was on the floor on a blanket.

She explained that they were high school kids so parents were strict and would not allow them to be locked up in their rooms. She also added that it took them a whole 3 days to have s.e.x saying it was sore in the beginning.

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