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The River is set to go on a production break

The lockdown has really put a hold on life as Mzansi and the world know it, with many normal activities having to be paused so people stay home to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Mzansi’s productions houses during level 5 have had to put their scripts and cameras down. As of lockdown level 4, many production houses have returned to work but just not soon enough as now most have run out of episodes and are forced to go on production breaks.


The River on Friday announced that it will be going off-air for two weeks as they make up for the lost time.

The River

“As you know, Covid-19 has affected all of us. Like all other productions, we also had to stop shooting during Level 5 lockdown, which affected us in profound way; resulting in us not having enough episodes to submit to 1Magic for broadcast. We have resumed shooting, and will be back in two weeks,” shared Tshedza Pictures who produces The River.

Source – News365

In Other News – Stunner shows support to Mudiwa Hood while taking the blame

Zimbabwean artists have opted to take a united front recently following the continued cyberbullying the fellow musician, Mudiwa Hood has been receiving on social media.


And the latest musician to petition for his fans to stop their attack on Mudiwa is hip-hop artist, Stunner. continue reading


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