The Fergusons Shut Down The Noise On Social Media

For the longest time now the Fergusons have been accused of exploiting actors. The silence, gradually built up more speculation

And they haven’t said a word regarding the issue, until now

The Queen“, a famous Mzansi Magic Show has had a “lot” of fan-favoured characters leaving

[see video below]  During a live Instagram chat with Themba Ndaba who plays Brutus, they got asked the question, “Why do they keep firing people?” This urged Shona Ferguson to respond with “Who’s fired?”

“This is a soap, it’s a Telenovela…characters come and go, that’s how soap operates. It is for the story and sometimes to introduce another story, but characters come and go. This is not something exclusive to The Queen…It happens everywhere and it happens every time,” Connie responded.

In between the laughs, Shona said that people get bored at seeing old faces and they hire new talent which evidently will lead to a character getting axed.

“You are going to see new people in and out, it is the nature of storytelling.” when people watch a show for a long time, they get bored of the same faces, hence the reason of bringing fresh new faces to shake things up. So if I’m going to give you something new, somebody has to go.” Shona

A social media uproar started when Rami Chuene was fired and she promised to spill the beans once her contract had ended. Dineo Langa who played Keabetswe Khoza also left the show, The couple claimed that her contract had ended

SK Khosa allegedly decided to leave the show to focus on another Ferguson Films production “Kings Of Joburg”, this calmed fans down as he is expected to come back on The Queen, even after being killed off.

In Other News – Safa threatens to ban soccer

The conflict has arisen after a certain letter sent to The South African Football Association, demanded that Amateur ABC Motsepe League be administered by the Premier Soccer League (PSL)

Safa’s response was a threat to ban soccer.

Safa president Danny Jordaan

The unsigned document was authored by some lower league clubs claiming that Motsepe (third-tier) and SAB (fourth-tier) League teams have not been paid travel allowances and prizemoney are as a result of “cash flow problems”‚ and are being addressed. continue reading

Source – Timeslive

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