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Actress Thandeka Zulu given mob justice at OR Tambo Airport over forex scam


Mob justice has become a common practise when dealing with robbers and thieves not only in South Africa but in the world at large. Is it the right thing to do so though? South African actress and former Uzalo firebrand Thandeka Zulu is rattled after she was caught in between and harassed by a mob of people at OR Tambo Airport.

The mob justice was done in the vein of avenging and sending a message to her since she is being accused of defrauding them. The incident happened whilst the 29-year-old was at OR Tambo International Airport. Rumour has it that security personnel had to be called in to bring sanity between the mob and the bubbly actress.Thandeka-Zulu9

According to reports, the mob was demanding its money from her which they lost through her forex scam. They claimed that they lost thousands of dollars under her forex trade which didn’t materialise. Unbeknown to her, the fraudsters allegedly used her face to advertise their scam.

It is said Zulu was travelling from Durban when this happened. The vivacious actress got the shock of her life when a mob pounced on her and harassed her. The source indicated that they were referring to her as a fraudster.

“She was at the airport premises when this happened. She was doing her business when marauding crowed mugged her and caused a scene. The security personals had to come to her rescue. She seems confused about the matter at hand and the forex dealings which she was being implicated too.”

Currently, the former Uzalo actress stars on eHoostela and she plays the role of Nelly. On eHostela, she is a sassy, street-smart girl who stays under his fathers watch Vovo played by Ernest Msibi. The seasoned star actress distanced herself in the wake of the mob justice and wishes that the law will take its course.

“ Honestly I don’t want to talk about this ordeal, by doing that I will be giving these criminals prominence and relevance at the expense of my name.

“I don’t want to ruin my brand, I am not a trader; I was never,” said Zulu.

However, this is not the first time when we come to see celebrities forex scam scandals. Using a celebrity or public figure to source funds has become a common practice across the world and South Africa hasn’t be spared too.


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