Thursday, January 20, 2022

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PICS: Actress Dawn Thandeka King celebrates her daughter’s 21st birthday

Diep City star Thandeka Dawn King and her family pulled out all the stops to surprise her 21-year-old daughter with a birthday celebration.

The actress proudly took to her IG to share snaps and videos from the joyful occasion. She added that it’s been a while since she dressed up and had a great time because 2021 has been a challenging year.Dawn Thandeka King1

“It’s been a while since I got to dress up and have a great time, this year has been challenging but still I stand.”

Thandeka expressed her gratitude at being able to celebrate her daughter’s 21st and went on to share her desires and wishes for Deenie.Dawn Thandeka King2

“I am grateful to have been able to celebrate my daughter’s — my best friend’s — 21st. I am so proud of you Deenie, continue to be the head strong queen that you are. Continue to love and respect yourself, continue to be loving and kind to your family. Continue to be the good role model that you are to your siblings.Dawn Thandeka King3

“May the God of our ancestors continue to watch over you and may all your wishes come true. Always remember that I love you so much, and I will always be here for you for as long as I live. Thank you to everyone that made this celebration possible,” the actress wrote.

Filled with gratitude, Deenie thanked her family and friends for the wonderful surprise.

“My 21st surprise party. Thank you to my family and friends for this wonderful surprise,” Deenie said.


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