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#TeamPeach has been eliminated from Tropika Island Of Treasure

Unfortunately, after a bunch of challenges over the past few weeks #TeamPeach (Kay Sibiya and Caldine Wyngaard) became the third team to be eliminated from this season of Tropika Island Of Treasure.

After coming in last place on the leaderboard, the team went head-to-head with #TeamPineapple (Ntando Duma and Siphosethu Colo) in an elimination challenge which, ultimately, sent them home.

This week, the remaining four teams were put to the test in two very different challenges that tested both their physical and mental strength. #TeamCoolRed (Nadia Jaftha and Trevor Lagerway) went into the challenges in the lead with 17 points on the leaderboard followed by #TeamMangoPeach (Siphesihle Vazi and Darren Solomon) with 13 points. Team Pineapple found themselves third with 12 points while Team Peach scored just seven points that round.

“We are leaving the game knowing that we left everything we had out there,” Kay says. “There is no greater feeling as we don’t resent or regret the way we played our game. We did everything we could as a collective and I am proud of our success in the game. I am super proud of myself and I am super proud of my partner, Caldine. This was a collaborative effort and we did our best as a team. It’s been a good run.”

Now, Caldine Wyngaard opens up about her Tropika Island of Treasure experience: 

What was the biggest highlight about your time on this season of Tropika Island of Treasure?

I would have to say my biggest highlight is a tie between the first individual contestant challenge and the time Team Peach won our challenge and ultimately a long life charm. Both challenges continue to spring to mind whenever I think back to the experience.

What was the toughest thing you experienced during your time on the island?

Apart from our challenge running around the entire city of Willemstad, I would have to say the toughest thing was sometimes working and communicating with my partner. I think we often forgot about the social element of the game and it was something that was a little bit of a struggle for me.

What was your favourite challenge throughout your time on the competition?

My favourite challenge was the first challenge – the Smoooth Fans vs the Celebrities. Not only did the win give us and extra boost of confidence, it also allowed us to create an amazing bond between all of the Smoooth Fans before we split up into our respective teams.

What surprised you most about yourself during this experience?

I was surprised at how resilient I am and how far I am willing to push myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I also thought I was way more outspoken but when it got to keep the peace, I would take the back seat which was a new thing to me.

Who did you think your biggest competitor was?

I honestly thought I would be the first one to go home out of the female contestants because both Siya and Janeske are really strong! However, Trevor being as strong and as focused as he is, and Nadia being really smart and fit were a force to be reckoned with. I would say they were definitely my biggest competitors.

What advice do you wish you got before the show about the challenges and tasks you were faced with?

The challenges are more a mental test than a physical test. Keep your brain sharp and you will be able to think clearly. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement.

Why should people continue to watch the remainder of the season?

You need to tune in to see the remaining FIERCE teams battle it out and to experience the beautiful island of Curaçao.

What else can people expect to see from you for the rest of 2020?

Well, I have my two kids’ shows running on both SABC 2 (Roughing it Out) and SABC 3 (Exfrontiers) for the rest of the year as well as performing the lead role in Sister Act the Musical later this year. I am also planning a whole lot of digital content surrounding the events space in Cape Town.

Be sure to purchase a Tropika and catch Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao on SABC3 every Tuesday at 19h30 with the repeat every Saturday at 20h00.

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