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#Muvhango – Mzansi is impressed by Susan and Vhutshilo’s acting skills

‘This is the Muvhango we signed up for’ Mzansi is impressed by Susan and Vhutshilo’s acting skills.

Muvhango has been airing for 25 years and keeping Mzansi entertained with its vast storylines. The production team and the actors have been working tirelessly to give viewers the content they want throughout the years. However, with times changing, people have shifted their taste to short drama series with fewer episodes, which has a setback for telenovelas like Muvhango.

Viewers have complained that the series has become boring for some time now. Some were threatening to boycott the show if the writers did not stop the Nomasonto storyline. However, the writers kept giving the viewers the storyline, and some waited it out patiently. In last night’s episode, viewers got the content they had been begging for.

Susan, Kgosi and Vhutshilo’s rescue mission with Gugu almost halted when Rose started screaming for the guards to stop them when they found their exit. However, Susan managed to hurt her boss for a moment, so he would not stop them. This gave Vhutshilo and her some time to get to the car with Rose in pursuit. Rose managed to shoot Kgosi before Susan ran her over and drove away.

After the episode aired, Mzansi was wowed and awe by their performance. Many Muvhango fans applauded the show and the actors for their outstanding performance. Many said it was the type of storyline they had searched for a long time. Susan was nicknamed an action hero, and people are excited to see this side of hers.

With Gugu being rescued, Nomasonto’s plan to marry the chief may be cut short. The truth may finally be told, and the Mukwevho elders will get to know what Azwindini has been too afraid to say to them. This may be a step in the right direction for the show and gain more viewers.

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